Experience of application of multistage hydraulic fracturing technology in a cased vertical well

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This article presents the results of the first multi-stage hydraulic fracturing in a vertical well at a field in the Aktobe region. The field has been developed from the very beginning as one development object. The total height of the deposits in some places reaches 400 m; accordingly, since the start of development, all productive formations were perforated through without segregation. Field trial carried out on a well with perforation with a total thickness of 182 m revealed 4 productive formations. In order to open all productive layers with fractures and involve them in the development, it was decided to use a 4 stage layout with a hydraulic fracturing sleeve system with a repeated opening / closing cycle. As a result, after multi-stage hydraulic fracturing using this technology, a 4-fold increase in oil production was obtained. In the future, it is planned to apply this method to other candidate wells.

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K. B. Asanov

Филиал ТОО «КМГ Инжиниринг» «Каспиймунайгаз»

Author for correspondence.
Email: asanov.k@llpcmg.kz

заместитель директора департамента интенсификации добычи нефти и повышения нефтеотдачи

Kazakhstan, г. Атырау


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