Influence of electric fields on the quality of well cementing

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This work is devoted to studying the degree of influence of the electric field on the deformation-strength and filtration characteristics of cement stone and the tightness of the annular space. that the electric field has a negative effect on the formation of cement stone and its contact with dividing boundaries. In laboratory conditions it was found that the density of contact of the cement stone with the column depends on the magnitude of the potential difference between the column and the walls of the well and its polarity. It has been established that the process of formation of cement stone in an electric field depends on the composition of the grouting mixture, mixing water, chemical treatments, and ambient temperature.

About the authors

B. T. Umraliev

ТОО «КМГ Инжиниринг»

Author for correspondence.

докт. техн. наук, заместитель директора департамента технологий бурения

Kazakhstan, г. Нур-Султан

A. F. Kenzhaliev

ТОО СП «Тенге»


канд. техн. наук, в прошлом Генеральный директор


M. Zh. Taskinbayev

ТОО «КМГ Инжиниринг»


директор департамента технологий бурения

Kazakhstan, г. Нур-Султан


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