Hydrocarbon exploration method based on basin modeling

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Basin modeling is a tool that combines geological, geophysical, geochemical and field data, as well as practical geological knowledge in order to reconstruct the entire chain of tectono-sedimentological processes of sedimentary basins. Current approach allows us to understand in more detail the principles of the petroleum systems- mechanisms of generation, migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons.

The paper describes the process of basin modeling starting from the stages of complex geological and geophysical analysis, interpretation and integration of data, ending with a risk assessment of the potential pool of prospects and selection of prospects for subsoil use.

About the authors

Olzhas B. Begimbetov

LLP "KMG Engineering"

Email: o.begimbetov@kmg.kz.

Master of Science in Petroleum Geosciences (Imperial College London), Managing Director of Exploration

Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan

Madina K. Taubassova

Heriot-Watt University

Author for correspondence.
Email: m.taubassova@kmg.kz

Master of Science in "Oil and Gas Geoscience", Leading Engineer of the Department of Regional Geology



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