Development of a compositional reservoir simulator for chemical enhanced oil recovery processes

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To make decisions and ensure successful field development, oil companies use numerical simulation tools, including hydrodynamic simulators. This work is devoted to the development of a reservoir simulator based on a new formulation of partial differential equations of the chemical compositional model, as well as its testing by comparing the results of traditional and ASP flooding simulation with similar results of well-known simulators.

About the authors

B. E. Bekbauov

ТОО «КМГ Инжиниринг»

Author for correspondence.

доктор PhD, директор департамента новых технологий и повышения нефтеотдачи пластов

Kazakhstan, Нур-Султан

M. M. Temirkas

Satbayev University; ТОО «КМГ Инжиниринг»


студент специальности «Нефтегазовое дело», практикант

Kazakhstan, Алматы; Нур-Султан

A. G. Kuchikov

Satbayev University; ТОО «КМГ Инжиниринг»


студент специальности «Нефтегазовое дело», практикант

Kazakhstan, Алматы; Нур-Султан


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