Applicability of limitative water-free production rate as case of field “B”

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Developing a field underlayed by bottom water still remains one of the main issues in petroleum industry. Numerous articles have been devoted to this issue offering methods for calculating the maximum water-free production rate on such fields. The paper shows such production rate calculated for the field “B”. In this paper we also calculated maximum waterfree production rate with different initial reservoir parameters and identified the dependence of the maximum water-free production rate from formation exposure, permeability and viscosity. Based on these dependences we selected criteria that allow potential application of maximum water-free production rate.

About the authors

M. A. Sarybayev

Филиал ТОО «КМГ Инжиниринг» «КазНИПИмунайгаз»

Author for correspondence.

директор департамента разработки месторождений

Kazakhstan, г. Актау

A. R. Kurbanova

Филиал ТОО «КМГ Инжиниринг» «КазНИПИмунайгаз»


специалист департамента разработки месторождений

Kazakhstan, г. Актау


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