Selection of the optimal polymer brand based on a complex of laboratory researches for the implementation of the polymer filling technology at the Western Siberia field

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The aim of the work was to select the optimal reagent for the implementation of polymer flooding in the specific geological and physical conditions of the West Siberian field. For this, the solubility of polymers in the injected water and their rheological properties were studied depending on the shear rate and polymer concentration at reservoir temperature, the dynamic adsorption of polymers on the surface of the porous medium and the coefficient of additional oil displacement with polymer solutions were determined. These works were carried out in accordance with the «Enterprise Standard» developed by JSC «VNIIneft». Based on the results of the physicochemical and filtration experiments, a polymer sample with the best performance was selected. This sample can be recommended for the implementation of polymer flooding technology in the Western Siberia field.

About the authors

T. S. Rogova

АО «ВНИИнефть»

Author for correspondence.

канд. техн. наук, заместитель директора

Kazakhstan, Москва

Y. E. Ivina

АО «ВНИИнефть»


главный специалист

Kazakhstan, Москва

S. V. Makarshin

АО «ВНИИнефть»


канд. хим. наук, руководитель направления

Kazakhstan, Москва


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